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Custom Registration and Purchase Forms

Doubleknot’s custom registration and purchase forms let you obtain every piece of information that you need for any registration, reservation, membership or donation. Instead of making phone calls and exchanging email to gather important information like health forms, emergency contacts or rental agreements, you can ensure that customers provide the materials before they can complete their purchase. And, visitors can customize their orders with add-ons like meal and beverage options, equipment rental or tours.

With Doubleknot's integrated registration and purchase forms, you can:

  • Assign forms to different registrant types and use conditional logic so your visitors are only asked for information that's relevant for their purchase
  • Ensure that mandatory forms (such as emergency contact information and liability waivers) are completed before a registration or reservation can be submitted.
  • Offer merchandise and optional items (such as meals, beverages or equipment rental) and automatically add the price to the final cost.
  • Easily build a report of the results.

Custom registration and purchase forms include:

  • Complete Control Over Form Display: You can choose whether a form is required or optional; whether it should be presented before or after the customer enters registrant information; and whether the form applies to all registrants or to each individual registrant.
  • Assign Forms to a Registrant Type: You can assign forms to specific registrant types. If a registration doesn't contain that registrant type, the form will not be displayed.
  • Add Registration Costs: Doubleknot supports custom form items that assign additional costs to the registration. Costs can be optional (for example, ordering additional T-shirts) or required (for example, if customers indicate that they don't have course materials, the cost of the materials is automatically added.
  • Administrator-Only Forms: Create forms that are only displayed to administrators when they create or edit a registration on behalf of a customer.
  • Conditional Logic: Different pages and form items can be displayed based on the answers to previous questions.
  • Design Elements: To ensure consistent branding, design elements such as images, headers, and custom HTML are supported in custom forms. 
  • Unlimited Fields and Pages: Registration and purchase forms can contain as many or as few fields and pages as you need.
  • Reporting and Sharing Data: With Doubleknot's custom reporting features, you can view the results of registration forms online in prebuilt and custom reports. And, you can export registration data including the information on forms to share with staff so they can prepare for the event or booking. Learn more about Doubleknot's reporting and analytics.

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