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Discounts and Promotions

Discounts and promotions increase revenues, promote attendance and reward members and constituents. Doubleknot provides complete flexibility in setting discounts throughout the system:

  • The qualifying purchase can be a specific item or any membership, registration, reservation or product that meets the requirements you specify. You can set additional requirements to qualify for a discount including minimum purchase, a date range, a current membership and more.
  • The discount can be applied to the qualifying purchase; to another specific membership, registration, reservation or product; or any  membership, registration, reservation or product. Discounts can be applied to an entire registration or to specific registrant types on a registration. 
  • Discounts can be applied automatically (for example, “Members always receive a 10% discount on event registrations) or require the customer to enter a discount code.

Examples of discounts you can create in Doubleknot include:

  • Register nine people and get a tenth person free
  • For every ten children, receive one free adult admission
  • Enter discount code and receive a 30% discount on registration for an event, admissions, a reservation or merchandise
  • Members who upgrade to higher membership level receive a 30% discount on the cost of the upgrade
  • Gold members automatically receive a 20% discount on all event registrations and Silver members automatically receive a 10% discount on all reservations
  • Book a birthday party and get a discount on the purchase of ride tickets
  • Book three nights in a cabin and get the fourth night free
  • Buy one/get one free (BOGO) promotions for merchandise

Doubleknot's discounts and promotions features include:

  • Multiple Discount Types: Offer and apply a variety of discounts for events, reservations, membership purchases, and product sales. 
  • Flexible Discount Criteria: Discounts can be based on a range of criteria, including number of registrants, registrant types, date ranges, membership levels, total amount purchased, other items purchased and/or entry of a discount code.
  • Member Discounts Automatically Applied: If members receive a discount, customers who purchase a membership and the item in the same transaction will automatically receive the member discount.
  • Discount Stacking: Your organization can choose to allow customers to benefit from all discounts applicable to their purchase or to only allow one discount. If only one discount is allowed, the discount that provides the customer with the greatest savings is automatically applied.
  • Targeted Offers: Promote your discounts based on the criteria you choose, such as prior customers or people who have expressed interest in a particular program or event.
  • Simplified Administration: Discounts can be copied and applied to other items to reduce administrator time

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