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Ecommerce and Online Store

Product sales are a proven way to increase revenues, and branded merchandise is a great way to build community awareness. Doubleknot makes it easy to build an online store that integrates seamlessly with your existing website. And, products from any store category can be presented as an upsell option with any ticket purchase, registration or reservation.

With Doubleknot's integrated ecommerce and online store, you can: 

  • Create an online marketplace for your organization’s merchandise.
  • Make it easy for customers to find products by category or product search.
  • Offer discount codes for your customers to use at checkout or offer automatic discounts based on membership level or the presence of other items in the transaction.
  • Control the entire sales process including product size, color, personalization, shipping methods and tax calculations.

Ecommerce and online store features include:

  • Complete Control Over Product Setup:
    For every item you sell, set product pricing, description, and image; product variation surcharges; placement within the store pages; and category assignments.
  • Product Variations and Personalized Products: Set customer-selectable variations like size or color by product, and capture personalization data (such as a name or initials for a monogram  for customizable products.
  • Store Categories: Create and maintain a list of product categories that make it easy to organize, manage and locate products.
  • Manage Shipment Options: Set shipping/handling options and prices.
  • Calculate and Apply Sales Tax. Tax can be applied automatically to eligible products. 
  • Discounts: Promote special pricing based on coupon codes, dates, membership and other criteria. Learn more about Doubleknot's support for discounts and promotions
  • Customizable Store Home: The home page of the store displays featured products, lists available categories, and rotates a selection of products across the top banner.
  • Search Product Catalog: Customers can navigate the product catalog by browsing product category, hot deals, or new items, or by using advanced search options.
  • Order Checkout: Products are purchased through secure online payment processing. Customers can ship an order to another address, select alternate shipping methods, and enter a discount code.
  • Fulfill and Manage Orders: Fill orders and ship partial orders with real-time payment processing for the amount shipped. Cancellations and crediting orders are also supported.
  • Track Orders: Administrators and customers can track and cancel orders using order listings and order detail pages.
  • Reports: Administrators can view reports of open, fulfilled, and pending orders, and display fulfillment pages from open orders. Learn more about Doubleknot's reporting and analytics software.

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