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Boy Scout Council Software Solutions

Doubleknot’s Boy Scout solutions were designed with input from councils nationwide to meet the unique needs of BSA organizations. More than 100 scout councils rely on Doubleknot’s integrated scouting solutions for online registration, reservations, merit badge management and more.

Learn how scout councils across the country simplify administration and communications with Doubleknot's registration and reservations solutions!

Boy Scout Camp Registration and Management

Doubleknot provides a complete solution for managing scout camps, with support for multiple sessions and a variety of classes and activities within each session. Leaders can register their troops, select facilities, choose activities for everyone in the troop and order optional items like badges, hats or T-shirts. Leaders can even reserve a block of camp space in advance and return to name scouts and choose activities later. Custom forms ensure that you have all the information you need for each camper, leader  and troop. Councils can accept online and offline payments, and define early registration discounts, late fees, payment schedules and automatic billing reminders. And, mobile check-in makes it easy to check-in troops upon arrival. Learn more about Doubleknot's event registration and program management solutions

Merit Badge Management

Doubleknot offers a complete solution for managing merit badge instructors, qualifications, and achievements. Leaders and parents with confirmed credentials can search a secure database to locate a merit badge counselor who meets their troop’s needs. Completion reports for summer camp indicate which scouts have met a badge’s requirements and which requirements are outstanding for the scouts who have not.

Boy Scout Camp Property Reservations

Councils that rent facilities are challenged to manage availability, meet customer requests and increase bookings. Meanwhile, visitors want an easy and accurate way to locate and reserve exactly what they want. Doubleknot’s online reservations software helps maximize occupancy with real-time availability for all your assets including a searchable facility calendar. Learn more about Doubleknot's integrated property reservations and facilities management solutions

Boy Scout Event Registration

With Doubleknot’s integrated event management features, you can set up and manage any kind of special event, including awards and recognition dinners, family weekends, golf tournaments and more. Custom registration forms ensure that you collect all the information you need and prompt registrants to purchase additional items like T-shirts, patches or sponsorships. Learn more about Doubleknot's event registration and management solutions

Online Donations and Fundraising

With integrated support for online fundraising, you can easily include a “Donate Now” button on every page of your site; ask for a donation at the beginning of the checkout process for any online registration; or set up online fundraising campaigns to support a specific cause. With the online store, you can sell council merchandise directly through your website. Learn more about Doubleknot's donations and fundraising solutions


Doubleknot’s integrated communications tools are specially designed to make it easy for scout councils to manage every aspect of online communications. You can easily update your website, share documents with registered users and publish online information request forms and surveys. A complete suite of email marketing tools lets you create custom mailing lists, send targeted messages and analyze the results of online marketing campaigns. Learn more about Doubleknot's integrated communications features

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