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Integration with Raiser's Edge, Gateway eGalaxy and Other Software

Doubleknot's applications are designed to fit into your existing computing environment and website. To provide the greatest flexibility, Doubleknot can also be integrated with popular back-office software including Blackbaud's Raiser's Edge* membership database and Gateway Ticketing Systems eGalaxy* print-at-home ticketing solution.

Doubleknot Connect for Raiser's Edge

Doubleknot Connect for Raiser’s Edge provides seamless, real-time, bidirectional data synchronization between Doubleknot and Raiser’s Edge. With Doubleknot Connect, you can take advantage of Doubleknot's powerful tools for online donations and membership purchases with confidence that data is immediately available to either application.

Because every Blackbaud implementation is different, Doubleknot Connect for Raiser's Edge is designed with flexible mapping to ensure that the integration works exactly the way you need it to. As a result, you can offer better online services and increase efficiency with Doubleknot while still benefiting from Blackbaud's back-office features.

Doubleknot Connect for Gateway Ticketing

Doubleknot Connect for Gateway Ticketing provides seamless integration between Gateway Ticketing Systems’ eGalaxy ticketing, admissions and capacity management features and Doubleknot’s solutions for online registration, membership management, fundraising and more. By integrating Doubleknot and Gateway, you can:

  • Sell Gateway tickets and memberships through Doubleknot’s interface, with support for Doubleknot features including discounts, up-sell opportunities and more. Gateway tickets and memberships issued through Doubleknot use Gateway ID numbers and can be scanned at the gate with Gateway scanners.
  • Integrate the purchase of Gateway tickets and Doubleknot items into a single transaction. Your customers can purchase admission tickets, register for events and programs and buy merchandise in a single online transaction with a single receipt.
  • Populate Doubleknot with Gateway events and capacity information. Any ticketed event in Gateway can be displayed and purchased in Doubleknot, using Gateway's event definitions and capacity management to ensure that tickets sold at the gate and online are not oversold.

Doubleknot Connect API

Doubleknot has more than two decades of experience integrating our software with other systems. No matter what products you're using, we can develop a solution for Doubleknot to share data seamlessly with your existing systems. And, our API is available for your in-house IT staff.

*Product names are trademarks of their respective owners.

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